OMRON introduces collaborative robot with a 16kg payload

The OMRON TM16 cobot adds more power and versatility to OMRON’s strong collaborative robot line-up.

OMRON has announced the launch of OMRON TM16 with a payload of 16kg. This allows customers to expand their material-handling possibilities and handle heavier parts and materials. OMRON’s collaborative robot family is designed for various applications and now provides additional options for handling an even wider variety of tasks.

The OMRON TM16 is the strongest in the family of collaborative robots, and also features a 900 mm reach, optional built-in vision as well as Profinet and Ethernet/IP connectivity options. The OMRON TM16 collaborative robot complies with ISO/TS 15066, allowing it to be installed with reduced amounts of safeguarding. This enables the cobot to work side-by-side with human workers and minimize the amount of space dedicated to the robot.

Fernando Vaquerizo, Fixed and Cobots Product Marketing Manager at OMRON Europe, comments: “The new OMRON TM16 can improve throughput and consistency in various repetitive or complex assembly and machine tending tasks, whilst working safely alongside people. It is possible to mount an OMRON TM cobot onto an OMRON mobile robot to create a solution that automates not only materials transport, but also complicated picking operations.”

Key features and benefits:

  • 16kg payload capacity for handling heavier parts and materials
  • Thanks to optional built-in vision, the cobot can also handle complex pick and place and inspection tasks
  • Profinet and Ethernet/IP options for easy connectivity

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