Crane solution for the world’s largest aluminum smelting plant and rolling mill

Kabelschlepp Metool was ready to help when Aluminium Norf GmbH (or “Alunorf” for short) needed to replace the festoon system of a crane facility with a travel length of over 30 meters. A complete package consisting of cable carrier and cables, guide channel including substructure and an individual driver solution was configured, delivered and commissioned.

Alunorf have configured the “coil manipulator intake” – a system for handling aluminium coils. At the core of the system is a crane that picks up the freshly rolled aluminium coils directly in front of the high-bay racking. In 2021, Alunorf wanted to replace the ageing cable carrier system on the crane and contacted KabelschlepP Metool, based to the manufacturer’s longstanding experience and great expertise in the field of cable carriers for cranes. There were essentially two reasons for replacing the cable carrier: On the one hand, new cables for data transfer had been added, which had to be included in the cable carrier. On the other hand, the customer wanted to remove a safety flaw: The driver on the old festoon system moved at standing height and made it very dangerous for anyone to be near it, for example during maintenance work. Another requirement was to change the existing structure of the system as little as possible for reasons of structural integrity.

No sooner said than done: The experts at Kabelschlepp Metool configured and delivered a customized substructure. It allowed for the interfaces of the old suspended cable to be reused and for easy installation of the new cable carrier. Two cable carriers of type MC0950 with opposite arrangement were used in a gliding application. This makes it possible to guide the data and power cables separately and therefore prevent any interference. The Customer Service Team at Kabelschlepp Metool installed and implemented the complete system with cable carriers, substructure, cables, guide channel and driver connection during the shutdown period over Christmas.

It was a benefit for Alunorf that everything for this project came from a single source – from planning the solution and designing the driver arm to the complete installation of the cable carrier, and of course maintenance. “We ordered and received a complete package,” says Thomas Bellinghausen, Transport Systems Engineer at Aluminium Norf GmbH. So, all in all perfect grades from Alunorf for the new cable carrier. And to ensure that it stays that way, the company has contracted Kabelschlepp Metool for regular maintenance visits. Everything from a single source – for best possible functionality and safety.

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