Food inspection with 3D and colour recognition

EyeVision 3D in combination with various 3D sensors, is perfectly suited for the inspection of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, there are a large number of commands for 3D object recognition, 3D filters, 3D probes, etc. With the graphical user interface and the drag-and-drop function of the EyeVision, the programming of a customer-specific inspection program is also easily possible after a short training period.

Fruits and vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, do not always meet the visually appealing criteria of supermarkets. Image processing can already be used during harvesting in the field to harvest only those vegetables that meet the market’s criteria.

However, qualification in the field is not economical for every harvest. Therefore, in many cases it is more economical to classify the fruit in central sorting facilities. In both cases EyeVision 3D is used. An image processing system with EyeVision is the ideal tool to qualify fruit and vegetables and thus to guarantee the optimal sales process. Not only 3D image processing is used, but also, for example, color inspection to further increase the quality of the inspection.

EyeVision 3D can be used in all areas of quality assurance. Often the software simplifies inspection methods compared to 2D, but in any case 3D expands the possibilities of quality control many times over.

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