KUKA keeps on moving at automatica 2023

With an end-to-end digitised customer journey from the robot configurator to online purchasing, a battery pack production line, the complete LBR iisy cobot series and three research teams that are finalists for the KUKA Innovation Award 2023, KUKA is paying tribute to the trend topics of this year’s automatica fair: Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Production and the Future of Work.

Also included for the first time: the know-how from system engineering that has been built up over decades. In a somewhat different form of presentation, KUKA shows virtually which new areas fully automated large-scale systems are entering.

Presented for the first time 12 months ago in Munich: the combination of the KUKA Cobot LBR iisy and the new operating system iiQKA.OS. Since then, the product family has grown. The complete cobot product family will be on display at the KUKA booth this year, with payloads from 3 to 15 kg – and for the first time also as the mobile cobot KMR iisy. In keeping with the iiQKA campaign motto “Robots for the People”, visitors will be able to hand-guide and program the cobots themselves. Other LBR iisy show realistic use cases for various industries – for example, the electronics industry.

Right next to it, the final teams of the KUKA Innovation Award present their creative robot- ics ideas with the LBR iisy. The goal: to automate tasks quickly and safely without being experts in the field themselves. At the fair, they will showcase their creative solutions for the oil and gas industry, the fashion and textile industry, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. On the penultimate day of the trade show, the winning team of the innovation competition, which is endowed with 20,000 euros, will be chosen.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are also a target group that KUKA is focusing on with regard to cobots. They need easy access to robotics, need to gain experience and learn about the benefits. Cobots are best suited for this, as they can be easily programmed and put into operation. Whether they then work alone or share a workstation with humans is up to the individual – depending on which process is to be automated. According to KUKA, it is precisely these hybrid application options that are becoming increasingly important for cobots.

“Keep on Moving”: KUKA celebrates 125th anniversary this year

The KUKA anniversary motto “Keep on Moving” carries the tradition-rich company from Augsburg throughout the year. Just one month after the trade fair, the company is celebrating at its headquarters in Augsburg: for 125 years, KUKA’s goal has been to make people’s lives and work easier. The success story began in 1898, when Johann Josef Keller and Jakob Knappich founded an acetylene plant for lighting. The telegram abbreviation from the first letters of the company name “Keller und Knappich Augsburg” became the brand name over time: KUKA. In all these years, the company has reinvented itself time and again. Then as now: tradition meets technology and innovation.

The KUKA booth is located in Hall A4, booth 230. For more information on KUKA’s trade fair appearance, click here.

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