Panasonic launches Industry InfoHub for automation solutions

With the all-new InfoHub, Panasonic Industry has launched a free online portal that contains programming libraries, documentation, and downloads for automation devices and solutions.

Customers of Panasonic Industry’s industrial motors, HM-series HMIs, Panasonic PLCs, or the Industry 4.0 communicator FP-I4C can now find a comprehensive and state-of-the-art data portal: the Panasonic Industry InfoHub.

The InfoHub not only comprises software files and programming libraries for motion control and network protocols but also user manuals, the latest software versions, and example projects, as well as short instructions and entire help systems.

With this wide-ranging database that is openly accessible, manufacturers, machine builders, and engineers in the factory automation market benefit from the clearly structured and extensive online service.

Online help database

The InfoHub provides detailed information and documentation of Panasonic’s IEC 61131-3 compatible programming software for FP series PLCs, configuration support for interfaces and services of the FP-I4C communication unit, and instructions and descriptions for the FP OPC server software.

Control FPWIN Pro7 programming libraries

The wide range of user libraries for Panasonic Industry’s FP series PLCs include a multitude of options, such as pre-built functions and function blocks, specifically designed for process control, motion control and network communication. These libraries encapsulate our extensive expertise, enabling customers to streamline programming and debugging processes, ultimately saving valuable time.

HMWIN Studio programming examples

The HMWIN Studio software serves as the configuration tool for the entire range of HM series touch terminals. With the programming examples provided by the InfoHub, customers can accelerate the project creation process drastically. These downloadable sample projects offer valuable programming resources, including widgets, dialogs, formulas, trends, and more. Additionally, JavaScript samples and informative content on establishing communication with other devices are available.

By leveraging these resources, customers can optimize their workflow and save significant time. Moreover, the library collection is continuously expanding, and access is free of charge. To learn more about the InfoHub, please visit InfoHub | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

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