GS Yuasa batteries to power new Royal Mint Energy Centre

GS Yuasa, a global leader in battery technology, has played a pivotal role in powering the future of sustainable energy at The Royal Mint’s multi-technology Energy Centre at Llantrisant, Wales, which was unveiled by Infinite Renewables earlier this month.

At the heart of The Royal Mint Energy Centre is GS Yuasa’s state-of-the-art dual-chemistry energy storage system (ESS). This system combines 1,120 50Ah LIM50EL lithium-ion cells known for their rapid discharge and quick response capabilities, with 240 1000Ah SLR1000 lead-acid cells, which are prized for their longevity and robustness in prolonged energy provision.

Housed in two separate containers, this advanced setup is meticulously designed to ensure optimal energy distribution: the lithium-ion batteries are predominantly utilised until they are discharged to 20%, at which point the lead-acid batteries take the lead, with their current rising swiftly to complement and support the energy demands. This blend of the two chemistries represents the peak of current battery technology, harnessing the strengths of both types to deliver an unparalleled power solution for power shifting and energy distribution.

The world’s first EES of this type was installed at the Japanese-based global battery manufacturer’s manufacturing plant situated a stone’s throw away in Ebbw Vale, where a combination of wind turbines, 3,000 solar panels and battery storage provide reliable and cost-efficient green power to the factory.

Peter Stevenson, Senior Technical Coordinator at GS Yuasa Battery Europe, highlighted the importance and ingenuity of the ESS during the launch: “Our dual-chemistry system represents the latest in sustainable battery technology. It offers not just power but also ensures efficiency and sustainability in meeting the energy demands of major institutions like The Royal Mint”.

The Royal Mint is a revered institution with a history spanning over 1,100 years. Established originally to produce coins for England, it has since evolved into the world’s leading mint, manufacturing coins, currency, and medals for an array of countries.

The Energy Centre, which comprises of a 2 MW solar farm, two wind turbines and a combined heat and power (CHP) unit along with GS Yuasa’s ESS, has been expertly designed to provide approximately 75% of The Royal Mint’s energy needs, and holds the potential to supply a microgrid connected to adjacent businesses. The entire project shines as a beacon for a cleaner, greener future.

Inga Doak, Head of Sustainability at The Royal Mint, expressed her optimism, stating: “Sustainability is front and centre in all we do as a business and this is another exciting step in The Royal Mint’s sustainability journey, helping us towards our goal of becoming net zero by 2050.”

The Royal Mint Energy Centre is a part of the Generation, Consumption, Storage, Supply project and showcases how partnerships and innovations can accelerate the journey towards a more sustainable future. With the support of the European Regional Development Fund, the Welsh Government, and Albion Community Power, it stands as a testament to collaborative efforts for a greener tomorrow.

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