Morrow Batteries and Siemens strengthens collaboration

Morrow Batteries has entered into a preferred supplier agreement with Siemens to optimise and automate its battery production, ensuring leading process control and top-of-class battery quality.

“Extreme precision is critical to achieving the quality needed to succeed in battery production. Automating as many processes as possible with cutting-edge technology from Siemens is needed to reduce scrap rates to a minimum and achieve high-quality volume-production of Morrow’s batteries,” said Morrow CEO Lars Christian Bacher.

The agreement includes optimising Morrow’s production based on Siemens’ automation, digitalisation and electrification offering to enable innovative battery cell production technology and solutions, integrating and digitalising the entire battery cell production value chain and R&D and technology development, to secure a long-term sustainable competitive advantage. 

“Morrow’s ambition is to be top-of-class in production with the lowest costs, and we look forward to continue working with Siemens to achieve that ambition,” Bacher adds.

A relevant area for collaboration is a virtual factory solution (digital twin) with simulation capabilities for pre-design and optimising plant design, manual operation, and material flow. The digital twin shall enable a virtual ramp-up of the factory and copy-paste solutions for future factories. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Morrow and are excited to be part of building an entirely new industry in Norway. This collaboration will harness the expertise of both companies to drive innovation in battery cell manufacturing and contribute to a more sustainable future. There are few industries where digitisation, automation and process control are more important than in producing batteries”, says Nils Klippenberg, CEO of Siemens AS

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