The smart check-up for your AGV

Establishing complex interrelationships, analysing the current status and making recommendations on how things can run even better is said to be no problem with SARA. This analysis tool from ek robotics is a valuable aid for examining the efficiency of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) and continuously optimising it.

With SARA (Smart Analytics Reporting Application), the expert for transport robotics ek robotics provides customers and operators of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) with a powerful tool to comprehensively analyse their own system in a short time. The app is intuitive to use and the results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. SARA also provides concrete information and recommendations that can be used to optimise the AGV with a view to greater efficiency and higher performance. Always knowing exactly how an AGV is doing is essential for analyzing and optimizing the performance of your own intralogistics processes. In many industries, a high degree of automation is now regarded as a tangible, if not decisive, factor in order to survive in the competitive environment. This applies not only to the actual production of goods and commodities, but also increasingly to intralogistics. Small and medium-sized companies have also discovered the advantages of a smart, up-to-date solution for the internal transport of goods and rely on automated guided vehicles from ek robotics.

Powerful software tool for thorough analysis

Designing, setting up and operating an AGV is in itself a complex task that requires competent partners. Once installed, the work on such a system is not over, because in the interaction with individual company divisions, changes are constantly occurring to which the AGV must be adapted. This is where SARA comes into play: The analysis app records all relevant data of an AGV, evaluates them in various statistics in real time and thus offers a reliable overview. The standard package of SARA contains the four basic modules Dashboard with an overall view of the system performance, Transport Analysis, Fleet Analysis and Event Analysis. With these, the AGV including all vehicles is permanently tracked live, and any weak points, performance peaks and conspicuous driving course areas are quickly identified. On this basis, SARA generates recommendations for action to improve the system.

The handling of the software itself is uncomplicated: SARA is cloud-based and can be operated with any common Internet browser, no installation or updates are necessary. ek robotics offers SARA as Software as a Service (SaaS). To use the app, all you need is an end device with an Internet connection.

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