ABB launches new software & educational robot

ABB has unveiled a full range of innovative robotics automation products, solutions, software and services on its 800m2 booth at the 2023 China International Industry Fair (CIIF), including two new products: OptiFact, ABB’s first modular software platform and its new IRB 1090 industrial education robot.

“Robotics is experiencing significant growth due to global megatrends including a shrinking workforce, supply chain disruptions and a fundamental need to operate more sustainably and efficiently,” said Marc Segura, president of ABB Robotics Division. “In response, more businesses than ever are turning to robotics and automation to build resilience and make their operations smarter, faster and more efficient. Our new OptiFact software helps businesses collect and analyse data from the factory floor to improve decision-making and enhance processes and performance, while our new IRB1090 educational robot will help equip the next generation with the skills to thrive in a new era of automation.”

OptiFact, ABB’s first modular software platform to extract and build value by collecting, managing, and analyzing data from hundreds of factory devices was launched at CIIF today. OptiFact can increase production capacity by up to 20 per cent through reduced downtime and improve decision-making in the factory by tracking KPIs and avoiding major breakdowns.

ABB’s new IRB 1090 (payload 3.5kg) robot is the latest educational offering, featuring a fully customisable education cell powered by ABB’s OmniCore controller and authenticated by The robot comes with 100 free licenses to RobotStudio, ABB’s leading robotics planning and programming software and is designed to help bridge the skills gap in robotics education by preparing students for the future of work.

Alongside the two new products are exhibits from the four areas at ABB’s booth at CIIF, including the Cobot Zone, the New Applications Zone, the Digital Corner and the Customer Service Corner. New for this year, attendees will be able to immerse themselves in virtual robot demonstrations through glass-free 3D technology and onsite live streaming.

Multiple robot models will be carrying out virtual and live demonstrations, from specialized applications to complete production chains within automotive, logistics and machine tending. In the Digital Corner, ABB software such as RobotStudio will demonstrate cutting-edge functions such as Automatic Path Planning to make manufacturing more efficient.

In the Customer Service Corner, attendees can explore and understand ABB’s Remanufacturing Service and Modular Service Agreement portfolio, which are committed to improving efficiency, recycling materials and extending the lifetime of robots to support the circular economy and more sustainable production.

For nearly 30 years, ABB has been leading the development of robotics technology in China, helping customers adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing market. Opening its 67,000m2 Robotics Mega Factory in Shanghai in December 2022, ABB remains committed to manufacturing in China, for China is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing robotics markets.

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