Fanuc ships one millionth robot

Fanuc has recently celebrated a significant milestone in the automation industry by producing its one-millionth industrial robot.

The company which supplies customers worldwide with its CNC-systems, robots and machine tools, is a pioneer in factory automation and deployed its first robot in its own production line back in 1974. Today, thousands of robots build new robots in the company’s factories in Japan. “Demand for our robots is currently at an all-time high”, says Marco Ghirardello, the president and CEO of FANUC Europe.

While industrial robots were traditionally used mainly in the automotive and electronics industries, they have now become prevalent in many other industries and businesses, including food and pharmaceuticals and even handicraft. The increasing shortage of labour and for the improving ease of use are some of the reasons for the spread of robotics into new segments.

Fanuc offers over 200 robot models that perform various tasks in manufacturing, such as welding, painting, assembly, and packaging. Collaborative robots (Cobots) are gaining popularity as they can work alongside employees without external safety fences. However, traditional production robots still dominate in the industry, and their use, such as in the automotive industry, accelerates the shift towards electromobility.

“Applications for robots are expanding, and the demand is expected to continue to grow significantly in the future. In order to support our customers’ automation needs, Fanuc will strive to further improve quality, performance, and supply capabilities”, says Fanuc Europe president and CEO Ghirardello.

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