Over 50s find route back to work to help tackle skills shortage

Over 50s in Lancashire have been given a new lease of working life thanks to an employability skills charity.

Inspira works with employers and a range of organisations across Lancashire and Cumbria to help people find jobs and to solve local or regional skill shortages.

One of its latest initiatives has involved working with over 50s across Lancashire who are no longer in work, and help them get back into employment.

Laura Wellington, Inspira’s head of employability in Lancashire, said: “There’s a significant issue in Lancashire with a group of people aged 50-plus who are inactive and not participating in the labour market.

“All the data shows that there’s a skills shortage and that Lancashire needs these people to be working.”

Inspira is helping to tackle the issue, and is running a special programme of advice and activity tailored for the over 50s across the county in areas such as Chorley, Preston, Ormskirk and Lancaster.

Laura said: “The scheme is not just good for the region’s economy, it’s also good for the individuals themselves, including for their financial situation.”

The workshops run by Inspira help those attending to better understand their financial situation, what their pensions mean for them in terms of future lifestyle, and how having an income again can make a positive difference to their lives.

When it comes to finding suitable work Inspira, working with partners such as Lancashire County Council, the Department of Education and the DWP,  is able to provide practical support and advice.

Laura said: “We identify skills they have, what gaps there are, and how we can bridge those gaps and what different job roles might be available for them so that they can get back into work.” 

Inspira helps people of all ages find better employment. More than 21,000 people from Lancashire and Cumbria access Inspira’s services each year.

For further information about the over 50s workshops in Lancashire contact info@inspira.org.uk 0345 658 8647

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