Rivelin to demonstrate power of robotics at Formnext

Rivelin Robotics will make a return to Formnext 2023, 7-10 November in Frankfurt, after its award-winning debut at the 2022 event where it was announced as the winner of the start-up challenge. Since then, the company has been successfully augmenting its engagement with customers from across industry that are looking to future-proof post processing and finishing solutions for metal AM production applications.

Rivelin will come to Formnext 2023 with an array of announcements about commercial engagements where companies such as GKN Aerospace and Wall Colmonoy have invested in its NetShape metal AM post processing solution. Each has recognised the need for guaranteed consistent part properties when using metal AM as a true production technology, and the need to automate support removal in the AM process chain to improve productivity and reliable turnaround times for every part manufactured. 

Robert Bush, CEO at Rivelin says: “Embedding quality, reliability and repeatability into the post-processing of metal parts across numerous industrial sectors is where NetShape is having its biggest impact. At Formnext, we will be demonstrating our ground-breaking NetShape Robots, which provide an automated solution for metal support removal and targeted finishing to meet the standards of mission critical industries. Driven by our powerful NetShape control software, both machine learning and traditional deterministic control theory are used to optimise the quality and repeatability of support removal and finishing. The result is an automated support removal solution that reduces defects and operational costs, and eliminates human risk and variability.”

Rivelin NetShape exists at the centre of the digital revolution in today’s manufacturing sector, and is focused on metal near-net-shape manufacturing. Through the use of machine learning, advanced sensors, and proprietary algorithms, Rivelin’s software encapsulates human craftsmanship and intuition with the repeatability and traceability of industrial robotics. NetShape therefore transforms skilled manual tasks into digital procedures that can be executed repeatedly, with minimal oversight, to produce high-quality, finished metal parts. Rivelin’s robots have already made significant strides in the casting and metal AM sector, considerably boosting productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, and eliminating high-risk working conditions.

Bush continues: “Formnext 2023 will not just give us the opportunity to demonstrate how our post-processing and finishing technology works, but will also give us the opportunity to discuss with attendees what it is that drives us at Rivelin, which is our profound focus on delivering a sustainable manufacturing future for businesses, their people, and the planet. We passionately believe that digital innovation and progress are not a threat to manual jobs in manufacturing; instead they offer a new paradigm focused on humans shaping ideas and technology crafting them — in this way promoting safety, efficiency, and sustainability.”

Rivelin believes that automated platforms like NetShape will be instrumental in unlocking sustainable “local-for-local” production around the world. This paradigm involves creating localized digital production ecosystems powered by automation technology where products are manufactured near the locations where they will be consumed. Advanced manufacturing technologies enable this shift for industries like aerospace, defence, energy, and medical, where part complexity, small batch sizes, and skills requirements initially drove manufacturing overseas. By focusing on local production, companies can increase efficiency, responsiveness, and resilience while cutting costs, reducing emissions, and supporting regional economies.

Rivelin will be exhibiting on stand E41 in Hall 12 at Formnext 2023.


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