Trumpf invests in new Hungarian facility

German machine builder Trumpf has invested in a new company building and a factory for demonstration purposes for customers and interested parties in Hungary. The costs for this amount to 13 million euros, according to the company from Ditzingen. The new building was opened in Gödöllő near Budapest.

Trumpf expects growing sales in Hungary, as there are strong production sites for the German automotive industry there.

The company wants to serve the region better in the future as a solution provider for networked manufacturing. “We expect a growing sales market in Hungary in the next few years,” said Trumpf boss Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, according to the statement. In Hungary, for example, there are strong production sites for German automobile brands and suppliers. The investment will also strengthen business in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

This and next financial year, Trumpf wants to generate sales of more than 100 million euros in the markets mentioned. In Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, sales recently totalled 92 million euros, a spokesman said. Overall, however, the share of business expected in the region in the company’s total sales is low. According to the company, sales in the last financial year, which ended at the end of June, were around 5.4 billion euros.

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