Nidec Drive Technology develops new precision reducer

Nidec Drive Technology, a member of Nidec Corporation’s group companies, has announced that it has developed a new precision reducer, Kinex, expanding its lineup of precision-control reducers.

KINEX, a highly rigid precision reducer composed of inscribed planetary gears, can be installed as a servo motor reducer for any application such as the joints of mid- and large-size multi-joint robots and SCARA robots (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms).

With an “N” series, which is a group of central solid-axis models, and a “C” series, which comprises hollow-shaft models, Kinex utilises Nidec’s technology to be low-noise and maintenance-free. By combining Kinex with Flexwave, a precision control reducer already on sale, users can enjoy a lineup of reducers to handle all robot joints, while employing those products to a wide variety of applications ranging from machine tools to semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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