Schreiner ProTech at SPS

SPS is the industry highlight for automation technology and Industry 4.0 and with more than 1,200 exhibitors provides a unique platform for presenting innovative solutions to an international audience from November 14 to 16. Schreiner ProTech will be represented there for the first time, with products and solutions perfectly meeting the needs of modern industry.

“Bringing Automation to Life” is the slogan of the trade show at which visitors will be able to enjoy forward-thinking and, above all, practical technologies in a total of 16 exhibition halls. As an experienced and reliable total solutions provider in the field of industrial marking, Schreiner ProTech’s team will be on hand to serve them. At Booth 610 in Hall 4A, visitors can obtain information and discuss the following use cases and areas of interest with its experts including, among other things…

Film-Based Covers:
Many plastic component housings are currently closed by means of injection-molded covers. That entails the disadvantage of high tooling costs and enormous space requirements both during transportation and installation. Schreiner ProTech’s solution is clearly simpler and less complicated: a strong polyester film cut to size and delivered on rolls is laser-welded onto the housing. The advantages of these Film-Based Covers (FBC) are that FBC are of clearly lighter weight, flatter, and more sustainable than injection-molded covers. Visit our booth and let us convince you of the benefits of this attractive alternative.

Increasing demand for automation solutions has resulted in a significant increase in RFID deployment in logistics/intralogistics in recent years. However, this trend entails specific challenges such as application to difficult substrates like ESD and metal. Schreiner ProTech has been playing a pioneering role in that area for years, offering tailored RFID solutions enabling end-to-end digital tracking of all processes starting with inbound goods operations, and other uses. This approach can avoid errors in intralogistics, increase throughput speed, and achieve optimal delivery rates. 

Pressure Compensation Seals:
Temperature fluctuations can lead to overpressure or vacuums in housings. The results are cracks or leaks posing a real risk to electronic component lifecycles. Whether in miniature sizes, self-adhesive, ultrasonically welded, or combined with a nameplate, with more than 25 years of experience in this membrane technology for venting housings, Schreiner ProTech serves you as a reliable and competent partner.    

Climate protection and sustainability are essential and firmly anchored elements across all functions of Schreiner Group. Be it through the utilization of solar energy and heat pumps or in-house development of sustainable products for industry, many different elements in all business units consistently drive sustainability in practical ways.

High-tech labels and innovative functional parts belong to our core business. Whether suitable for laser marking, resistant to high-pressure cleaners, or equipped with integrated anti-counterfeiting features, our marking solutions in the industrial environment are perfectly adapted to the relevant requirements and ambient conditions. However, for many industrial challenges of the future, there are no off-the-shelf applications. Together with you, our experts will be pleased to develop a solution best suiting your needs: be it a smart functional part, specialty marking, or tailored application system.

Visit Schreiner ProTech at SPS in Hall 4A, Booth 610.

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