AM solutions adds new solution to customer experience centre

AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, a company specialising in post processing technologies for additive manufactured (AM) parts, has just installed its S1 2-in-1 post-processing solution for the cleaning and surface finishing of 3D printed parts in its own customer experience centre in Knowsley.

The S1 is a smart solution for cleaning and surface finishing, which is said to set new standards for the post-processing of parts from powder bed fusion (PBF) AM technologies. The smart plug-and-play solution impresses by being able to perform cleaning and surface finishing all in one self-contained unit (the 2-in-1 concept) with the same media, in a manual or automatic process, saving time and costs. Furthermore, it is also suitable for the surface finishing or de-powdered metal components made from non-reactive metals, and is equipped with a blast media conditioning system for optimal and consistent quality of the blasting media. It also features a newly developed air management system which means even fewer deposits in the interior.

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at AM Solutions UK says: “As a company operating in the dynamic area of AM post processing, we are focusing increasingly on volume production. The S1 which we have just installed in our customer experience centre is one of our 2-in-1 solutions, running two post processing steps in one single machine. This, combined with a higher degree of automation, streamlines the entire process chain and substantially reduces the costs per piece. Such an approach allows us to perfectly fulfil the requirements of customers who are looking for high volume production with 3D printing technologies.”

Using the S1 system customers can save not only money by not having to invest in additional equipment but also save valuable manufacturing space. Above all, the processing time for 3D printed parts can be reduced by over 60%. The automated S1 technology drastically reduces the need for the manual post-processing of often delicate, large and geometrically complex components which is a necessity for companies using AM for volume manufacturing applications.

Spellacy continues: “We invite anyone interested in our post-processing capabilities to visit our customer experience centre in Knowsley. In the centre we can realistically reproduce and test every likely requirement customers may have when post processing AM parts and components. We can ultimately provide you with details of the perfect process solution for your specific applications. We have several printing technologies and post processing solutions in addition to the S1 in the centre, allowing us to demonstrate the solution that best meets your specific requirements.”

The S1 2-in-1 solution boasts improved basket design for optimal distribution and tumbling of parts, and uses a specially developed wear protection lining made of non-staining anti-static polyurethane. It is also ATEX certified, and has a media conditioning system for maintaining consistent blast media quality and sizing. The systems also uses industry leading process monitoring and visualisation technologies, is Industry 4.0 ready, and has been developed in collaboration with industry leading 3D printing experts.

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