How SMEs can benefit from used industrial robots

SMEs are increasingly recognising the benefits of industrial robots, where user-friendliness and cost are key factors in their selection. As major automobile manufacturers have long embraced extensive robotics, these robots regularly enter the second-hand machinery market. Purchasing used robots is a cost-efficient solution not only for SMEs.

The use of robotics, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), is shifting: while previously large companies, especially in the automotive industry, were the main users, interest is now rising among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This shift is driven by the need to remain competitive. The advantages of robotics in production include consistent quality with less waste and efficiency, leading to lower production costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, robotics can help alleviate the skilled labour shortage.

The advantages of used robots for SMEs

For SMEs, user-friendliness and cost of robots are crucial, as per IFR. In this context, used installations offer significant benefits. They are more affordable than new models, making them attractive for smaller budgets. Furthermore, used robots typically come with proven technologies and are tested and optimised for a variety of applications. This reduces the risk of compatibility issues and simplifies integration into existing production lines. Another advantage is availability: used robots can often be delivered faster than new ones.

A platform for industrial robot auctions:

One platform offering used industrial robots is, a leading B2B auction house for used machines in Europe, including industrial robots. Several auctions take place monthly in this sector. Most of the robots being auctioned come from well-known automobile manufacturers. Surplex offers a comprehensive service covering the entire sales process to every seller, regardless of their size or industry. Surplex also provides similar support to buyers, assisting with transport and customs queries, for instance.

The first of regular 2024 auctions for industrial robots ends on 9 January 2024. The high-quality equipment from renowned manufacturers FANUC and KUKA originates from a Czech automobile manufacturer’s production. Each articulated robot is offered complete with a matching control cabinet, operating device, and wiring set. The machines can be viewed in Hodonín, Czech Republic, by prior arrangement. The auction is characterised by the absence of minimum prices, enabling SMEs to acquire high-quality industrial robots at competitive prices.

Possible applications of robots in SMEs

Initially valued in the automobile industry for their precision and load capacity, these robots with load capacities of 125 kg and more offer a wide range of applications in other sectors, particularly in material handling and assembly. They can be used, for example, for precise gripping, moving, and positioning of parts in various manufacturing processes. They are also highly precise and effective in welding.

The flexibility and efficiency of these robots make them a valuable investment for SMEs looking to automate and optimise their production processes. Purchasing these robots, formerly part of the automobile industry, not only expands existing capabilities but also opens up new possibilities in various industrial application areas.

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