Omron invests in Saltyster Inc

Omron is pleased to announce its investment in Saltyster, Inc., a company specialising in embedded high-speed data integration technology. Omron will hold an equity stake of approximately 48%.

In today’s manufacturing industry, there is an increasing demand for improved economic value, including enhanced quality and production efficiency. Simultaneously, the industry is also looking for ways to increase social value, such as energy productivity and workforce job satisfaction.

These complex challenges faced by customers require the visualisation of manufacturing site data that changes at intervals as small as one-thousandth of a second, as well as the optimisation of control across multiple facilities. As the manufacturing industry progresses towards solving these issues through digital transformation (DX), there is a growing need to collect, integrate, and analyse vast amounts of data rapidly.

Through this investment, Omron aims to synergise the control data generated from its high-speed, high-precision control technology with Saltyster high-speed data integration technology. By rapidly integrating data from customers’ manufacturing sites in a time-synchronized manner and collecting information on other companies’ control equipment, personnel, and energy consumption, it becomes possible to integrate and analyse on-site data that was previously separated by different data cycles and formats for each facility.

Real-time feedback helps solve problems on manufacturing sites by adjusting equipment based on analysis results. This aligns with goals like defect-free production and better energy use. For example, by tracking equipment and product conditions, and changing settings as needed, we can use less energy, reduce plastic waste, and increase energy efficiency.

Omron’s investment in Saltyster’s aims to enhance corporate value by contributing to the preservation of the global environment while simultaneously maintaining production efficiency and quality at customers’ manufacturing sites. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, Omron seeks to develop value propositions that address the evolving needs of the industry.

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