Rockwell Automation and Michelin collaboration

Rockwell Automation has announced it has strengthened its collaboration with Michelin, the French multinational tire manufacturing company, focusing on digital innovation across Michelin’s manufacturing processes.

With more than three decades of collaborative history, this new step signifies a strategic evolution from traditional automation to a digital-focused effort, underlining a commitment to continuous innovation.

Key initiatives of this collaboration include:

  • Modernising traditional manufacturing equipment through digitalisation
  • Integrating advanced analytics and data science tools at the operational and plant levels, utilising a wider partner ecosystem, including Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation business
  • Boosting operational reliability and efficiency through digital solutions

Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice president, Rockwell Automation, said: “This new step is a testament to our evolving relationship with Michelin. We are eager to build on our historical collaboration, leveraging our combined strengths to face future industrial challenges and drive forward digital innovation. It marks a new chapter in our journey, deepening our commitment to Michelin’s digital transformation in machine automation, and solidifying the mutual trust between our companies.”

This collaboration between Michelin and Rockwell Automation is comprehensive, covering multiple aspects of digital transformation. Joint efforts in prototyping and testing will validate the feasibility and effectiveness of new ideas, and enhance the efficiency of R&D initiatives, laying the groundwork for ongoing co-innovation and co-development.

“Our strengthened commitment allows us to fast-track our digitalisation strategies through this sustainable innovation collaboration,” said Nicolas Jaunet, manufacturing engineering vice president, Michelin. “Our combined expertise will accelerate our manufacturing to scale up innovation through smart technology while creating greater people skills and a more attractive work environment.”

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