Altus Group releases 2024 product brochure

Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry in the UK and Ireland, has published its 2024 product brochure featuring cutting-edge technologies aimed at helping manufacturers enhance quality, efficiency, and capabilities.

Carefully selected from over 20 prominent partners worldwide, the brochure offers a comprehensive equipment portfolio. It encompasses everything from advanced 3D and x-ray inspection systems and efficient component management, to soldering solutions, and consumables for streamlined production. Importantly, the suppliers featured in the brochure have been selected to provide complete turnkey solutions across SMT and THT assembly, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of the electronic manufacturing process.

The latest edition includes details on long-standing pre-eminent suppliers, including Koh Young, YJ Link, Essemtec, Asscon, Cencorp, and Heller Industries. Altus is also pleased to introduce their newest suppliers – Solderstar and PVA, bringing cutting-edge technologies to the forefront.  Furthermore, Altus strengthens its commitment to after-sales service with the inclusion of ‘Altus Applications Support’ details in the brochure. This highlights a dedicated focus on enhancing value within customers’ production environments, introducing specific measures like the dedicated technical support team.

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group, said: “Altus is pleased to announce the release of our latest product brochure, a testament to the diverse range of innovative products supporting electronic manufacturing across the UK and Ireland. These brands, alongside our focus on support and aftercare is an ideal combination.

“We highly value our close partnerships with the industry’s leading equipment suppliers. These collaborations allow us to bring the latest manufacturing advancements to our customer base. By continually integrating new innovations into our portfolio, we enable manufacturers to leverage cutting-edge technologies tailored for optimising their production needs. At this point, our portfolio of processes has never been stronger. 

“Within the latest product brochure, we feature new technologies and suppliers including Solderstar’s thermal profiling systems, Koh Young’s semiconductor packaging inspection systems, andPVA’s automated conformal coating and dispensing solutions, that seamlessly integrate and expand our core offerings. This process expansion aligns with Altus’ goal of becoming the ‘go-to’ electronic distribution and support partner for all electronics manufacturers. By combining our established strengths with innovative solutions, we aim to set new industry standards and continue providing unparalleled support to the evolving needs of our customers.”

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