Compact solution for robot integration and remote access

RoboDK TwinBox represents the latest step in production robot programming for automation engineers. This compact system, launched in November 2023, integrates pre-installed RoboDK software into industrial PCs and small single-board computers or IPCs. RoboDK TwinBox can manage multiple devices and robots from various manufacturers simultaneously in a production environment.

Robot simulation software company, RoboDK, recognised the need for a more compact and versatile solution that doesn’t rely on conventional computers. Following customer demand for such a product, they created TwinBox. This self-contained system offers a full suite of features that enable users to easily set up and manage robotic systems in their workspaces using a simple single-board computer or IPC.

TwinBox can be easily controlled through a web browser, allowing you to trigger actions remotely and have a 3D view of your cell.

Dmitry Lavygin, software developer at RoboDK, says: “RoboDK is already able to run programs directly on real robots using its online mode and robot drivers. However, it is not common to see desktop or laptop computers in production environments.

“The goal with TwinBox is to provide a dedicated version of RoboDK for industrial computers and enable remote control on embedded devices, without the need of a local display, keyboard, or mouse. You can simply control the system remotely from anywhere, using your browser or another remote RoboDK connection.”

Minimise clutter and save space

The team at RoboDK conceived TwinBox after identifying a gap in the market – there were no space-efficient solutions for production engineers wishing to directly implement RoboDK into the production line.

The product’s compact size offers the advantage of easy positioning – it can be installed either next to or within the factory robot’s control system.

A key feature of the TwinBox is its ability to function effectively without the need for a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. It solely requires network interfaces to seamlessly connect to an internal network and a robot control system.

This allows users to save more of their valuable floor space while still being able to utilise the full suite of features that RoboDK has to offer.

TwinBox is an all-in-one solution for robot programming and automation engineers, with many benefits including its compact size, low cost, easy setup, and versatility.

Remote robot programming built on reliable technologies

RoboDK’s approach to product development is to build new solutions on the back of tried and tested technologies, where possible. This means the company can deliver high-quality remote robot programming solutions without compromising on reliability or stability.

With TwinBox, RoboDK has crafted a reliable system that runs on both industrial and consumer-grade hardware. It supports multiple operating systems and hardware architectures, including Windows and Linux Debian or Ubuntu running on Intel x86-64 platforms or ARM.

RoboDK provides dedicated builds for systems such as the Nvidia Jetson or Raspberry Pi-based industrial computers.

Samuel Bertrand, software developer lead at RoboDK, says: “The software works just like the desktop version of RoboDK. The main difference is that the system can be controlled remotely from any browser.”

With its remote interface, users can also access their TwinBox from anywhere in the world, with full control of all connected external robots, devices, and sensors. This allows users to monitor their robots remotely, in real-time, giving them more flexibility and control over their automation than ever before.

Streamlining multiple devices into one cohesive system

A common challenge with industrial robots is that each programming solution is often limited to a single manufacturer. This means that each robot brand needs to be programmed separately, which slows down deployment.

With TwinBox, users can connect multiple robots from different manufacturers together into one cohesive system. This increases flexibility and significantly speeds up the integration process.

RoboDK already supports over 1,000 robot models from over 50 brands. This wide compatibility means that users can be sure that their TwinBox will work with almost any robot model they need it to.

The system is also designed to effortlessly handle simultaneous connections from varied devices. This includes not only robots but also additional devices like external sensors and computer vision cameras.

TwinBox enables simultaneous connections, allowing you to control it from a remote desktop with a browser. It also “supports” OPC-UA and RoboDK will be implementing other industrial protocols.

Future plans

The company plans to incorporate TwinBox into the larger RoboDK ecosystem. This includes existing solutions like the main RoboDK Desktop application as well as web-based development tools like RoboDK for Web.

This integration will enable users to take full advantage of all the features that have made RoboDK such a popular robot programming software among automation engineers.

The potential applications for RoboDK TwinBox are virtually endless. The company hopes that users will take full advantage of the product to easily build efficient robotic solutions that can be easily deployed in production environments.

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