High-performance security routers for OT networks

The security routers of the mGuard product family from Phoenix Contact protect industrial OT networks against unauthorised access, either by people or malware. The new FL MGUARD 2105 and FL MGUARD 4305 versions with integrated switch will be presented for the first time at SPS 2023.

The new Gigabit security routers make it possible to control and secure communication within a production network. Machines, systems, and plants will be protected against cyberattacks and manipulation.

The mGuard product family features a high processing speed. The devices achieve a data throughput of almost 1,000 Mbps. This means that the mGuard security routers ensure a high level of security without compromising network performance. In addition to the high processing speed, the routers feature extensive security functions, including an integrated firewall that filters the data traffic in the network. Undesired communication and access attempts to the network devices are blocked.

By segmenting the networks, it is also possible to check and control the exchange of data between the individual segments. This means that the individual network segments are protected against excessive data volumes, network overload, and unauthorized access. Secure remote maintenance is also possible with the mGuard security routers. Encrypted VPN communication enables machines and systems to be maintained remotely via any network. A firewall function in the VPN tunnel further increases security.

The new versions are suitable for machine builders and system manufacturers, as well as system operators.

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