Altus adds MagicRay through-hole inspection

Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry in the UK and Ireland, has added to their product line-up with MagicRay’s latest innovation in inspection, the V320 THT Pre-Reflow AOI system. The V320 is specifically designed for through-hole technology (THT) assembly processes and will enable comprehensive inspection capabilities for electronics manufacturers utilising THT components on their printed circuit boards.

Many UK companies still rely significantly on through-hole assembly, with skilled operators manually placing components before wave, selective or robotic soldering. This process risks human errors like component defects and solder faults. The MagicRay V320 THT AOI system addresses these quality challenges with intelligent pre-reflow optical inspection.

The V320 features a large field-of-view to efficiently inspect assemblies. Its dual-sided inspection capability allows it to examine both the top and bottom sides of boards for any defects. The system leverages AI-based programming and big data learning algorithms to accurately identify component polarity and automatically classify component types for detecting missing, incorrectly oriented, or misplaced parts as well as solder defects like bridging or insufficient joint formation with their other post reflow solutions.

“I’m really excited to offer the MagicRay V320 to our customers to increase quality and traceability for their through-hole assembly,” said Jiri Kucera, Operations Director at Altus Group. “Many companies still populate a significant number of through-hole components manually, which increases the risk of human errors and defects. Whether customers need to detect polarity issues, missing components, or just want to increase traceability, the V320 provides a specialised solution to support quality for THT assembly.”

With fast programming and automated capabilities, the V320 supports high-mix production and rapid changeovers inspection up to 10 applications simultaneously. It provides full traceability through integrated barcode scanning. The high-speed, non-stop inspection capability ensures quality while maximising throughput.

“We’ve already seen strong demand for this specialised THT inspection solution in the UK market. With the V320, our customers can leverage comprehensive AOI to control quality and reduce costs for their through-hole assembly processes,” said Jiri.

The MagicRay V320 THT AOI system is available now from Altus Group. For more information, visit

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