Geekplus to showcase order fulfillment innovations during LogiMAT

Geekplus, global leader in mobile robot and smart logistics solutions, is celebrating innovation and growth in the European market during the LogiMAT supply chain trade show in Stuttgart.

Since establishing offices in Dusseldorf in 2019, the company has brought its comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person solutions to more than 70 different companies in 19 European countries. The company has also just completed its tenth project in the Benelux region.

Geekplus will showcase its mobile order fulfillment and warehouse automation solutions during LogiMAT from March 19-21. Join the team at Booth 6B61.

The company empowers warehouse operators with a comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person mobile robot solutions. With Shelf-to-Person, Tote-to-Person and Pallet-to-Person solutions that can all be integrated into a single software dashboard, Geekplus is the one-stop shop for all storage types.

Shelf-to-Person, the most mobile Goods-to-Person solution on the market, removes the need for infrastructure investment. The Tote-to-Person system provides high-density storage for small- and medium-sized goods to maximize vertical warehouse storage without sacrificing speed. Pallet-to-Person empowers partners with high-density pallet storage and all the advantages of mobile robots for ground-level picking.

Over the past five years, the company has worked with many large European companies on their warehouse automation transformation. This growth would have not been possible without strong partnership from Reesink, Korber Supply Chain, AMH and others that have helped establish Geekplus solutions in Europe.

Highlights during those five years include the installation of Shelf-to-Person and sorting robots in the Madrid autonomous distribution center for Paack, a European e-commerce delivery solutions provider. The newest Benelux project brings the Geekplus Tote-to-Person solution to the MyJewellery warehouse. These solutions will be on display during LogiMAT 2024.

“As customers in Europe have increased their focus on warehouse automation through the use of mobile order fulfillment robots, Geekplus has been there as a one-stop shop with an array of solutions, but also to serve as automation consultants,” said Jan Jongbloets, Geekplus sales director EMEA. “Our goal is to share our expertise and experience with automation to truly help companies in Europe discover the lasting benefits of mobile robots.”

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