Rösler to showcase finishing solutions at MACH 2024

Rösler UK will be exhibiting on stand 6-540 at the upcoming MACH 2024 exhibition 15-19 April in Birmingham. Committed to driving innovation and creating value for UK manufacturers, Rösler is excited to show attendees an array of finishing solutions for traditionally produced and additively manufactured parts and components which represent best-in-class solutions for a range of industrial applications.

Expert in shot blasting and mass finishing technologies as well as bespoke post-processing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM), the company will be showing it RMBC 2.1 Tumble Belt Blast Machine, its R220EC Rotary Vibrator with R250 Dryer, and two AM post-processing solutions.

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at Rösler UK says: “Rösler has been a prominent player in the mass finishing and shot blasting arena for over 80 years, providing solutions across a range of industry sectors including technologies for exacting medical and aerospace applications. Our impressive track record isn’t just about our longevity, however, it’s a story of accumulating profound knowledge and expertise that only come with time served. What sets Rösler apart is its family ownership, which means the company is all about playing the long game, focusing on what really matters — building solid, lasting relationships with clients by truly understanding and evolving with their needs rather than focusing on short term financial gains. This customer-first, quality-obsessed approach has made Rösler a go-to ally for anyone looking for unmatched finishing precision, reliability, and quality. For often complex and demanding applications, Rösler stands as a beacon of trust, proving time and again that when it comes to mass finishing, shot blasting, and bespoke AM Solutions, we are here to lead the way and drive innovation.”

Rösler’s RMBC Tumble Belt Blast Machine which will be on display at MACH is essentially for de-sanding, descaling, de-rusting, deburring and creating homogeneous surface finishes, and is characterised by perfect cleaning of difficult-to-reach surface areas, high equipment uptime, high process stability, and consistent shot blasting results. The R220EC Rotary Vibrator, also on display, has an inbuilt separation system, is designed for processing batch parts, and is perfect for all metal finishing applications from deburring to polishing. Being shown alongside these traditional finishing machines, attendees will also find two AM post processing technologies, the M1 Basic and the S1 Wet. The M1 Basic promotes superior surface finish of metal or plastic AM parts in a cost-effective and repeatable fashion, and demonstrates how mass finishing technologies excel in eliminating layer lines, burrs, and other surface imperfections on AM parts, resulting in a flawless finish that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. The S1 Wet is a versatile wet-blasting solution for cleaning and finishing surfaces on metal and plastic parts and demonstrates perfectly the usefulness of shot blasting technologies for AM parts.

Spellacy continues: “We are excited to show attendees at MACH 2024 just what it is that sets our mass finishing and shot blasting technologies apart across all industry sectors.

For the UK market, as indeed globally, we offer an extensive sales and service support network offering local expertise and quick responses to customer needs, especially important for applications requiring timely project execution and rapid maintenance responses. Rösler is also truly vertically integrated, manufacturing all machines in-house without third-party components, and this guarantees the highest quality standards — essential in industries where precision is non-negotiable. Emphasising automated and turnkey solutions, Rösler caters to the modern demand for efficiency and precision, offering a comprehensive package from design to installation, ensuring minimal error and maximum throughput. As a one-stop-shop for machine and media supplies with a strong post-sale care focus, the company also simplifies procurement, providing ongoing value through maintenance and training, and fosters long-term partnerships, underscoring its commitment to reliable and long-lasting solutions for its customers.”

MACH 2024 visitors are invited to come and see Rösler’s traditional and AM finishing solutions on stand 6-540, and to discuss with the team how the company’s blend of advanced technical capabilities, extensive industry knowledge, and commitment to innovation can enhance their manufacturing endeavours.


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