VERICUT – the sustainable solution at MACH 2024

Visitors to the MACH 2024 (Hall 19, stand 420) exhibition can get live demonstrations of the features in VERICUT 9.4, plus an exclusive preview of what’s to come in version 9.5. VERICUT is the renowned global leader in NC code simulation, verification and optimisation.  It enables users to link all the machining operations end-to-end to evaluate and improve the entire manufacturing process.

The priority for nearly all manufacturers is sustainable production, where output or machine capacity is increased, while minimising costs and maintaining quality. In order to achieve this, every step in the process – engineering, design, CAM programming and machining – should be inspected, verified and optimised. VERICUT CNC Simulation software ensures programs are error free and all operations work together as intended, while optimisation capabilities of the software ensure the whole process is operating as efficiently and as sustainably as possible – the result is significant savings in manufacturing time, reduce energy consumption and increased profits.

The new CNC Machine Monitoring module focuses on increasing connectivity across the manufacturing workflow, enabling organisations to do more with the resources they already have. Via VERICUT, the real events on the shop floor can be streamed live in real time to monitor what the machines in the workshop are actually doing. In this way, it is possible to check which NC program or subprogram is currently running, how the movements of the machine axes and spindle activity are currently present, or which tool is loaded.

With the new CNC Precheck – a standalone app – machine operators can ensure that key points of the machine setup correspond to the data checked in VERICUT, without tying up a VERICUT license. Any differences, which may lead to problems, can then be investigates and corrected before any actual machining takes place. A typical application is checking whether the parameters of the real machine match the parameters of the virtual VERICUT machine.

With sustainability at the forefront of many business operations, visitors will also get to see how the VERICUT Force NC optimisation module can guarantee a reduction in energy consumption across machining operations. VERICUT Force is a solution that can significantly optimises cycle times, cutting tools and machine life, this equates to notable energy savings and increased sustainability. New and legacy NC programs can be optimised with Force to run as efficiently and safely as possible. Force is available for milling, turning, and mill-turn machines.

VERICUT – Hall 19 Stand 420 – MACH 2024

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