Belden Launches Single Pair Ethernet Lite Managed Switch

Belden, a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitisation solutions, has announced the launch of its BEETLE Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Lite Managed Switch from Lumberg Automation. An extension of Belden’s Single Pair Ethernet portfolio of connectivity products, the new BEETLE switch empowers organizations to reduce network complexity by deploying thinner, lighter Belden SPE cables that provide connectivity via a single pair of wires rather than the two or four pairs required by standard Ethernet.

As digital transformation accelerates, enterprises need to connect more devices and transmit more real-time data while simplifying network infrastructure where possible. With Power over Data Line (PoDL), IP40 protection and low power consumption, the BEETLE Lite Managed Switch provides SPE connectivity for a future-ready network.

The BEETLE Lite Managed Switch provides powerful benefits, such as:

  • Transmits Ethernet up to at least 1 kilometer. Meets the 10BASE-T1L standard for long-distance Ethernet.
  • Saves space. Supports Ethernet transmission via a single wire pair that is lighter and more compact than traditional Ethernet cables.
  • Reduces network complexity. Integrate sensors and actuators directly into the network without the need for an additional gateway.
  • Simplifies configuration and maintenance. Streamline installation and maintenance and reduce operating costs with fewer gateways and protocols in use.
  • Delivers essential lite managed switch features like VLAN at an optimized price-performance ratio and lower long-term total cost of ownership.

“In their pursuit of Industry 4.0 and automation objectives, today’s enterprises are deploying future-ready networks that create the foundation for real-time communications,” said Timo Zipperle, Junior Product Manager at Belden. “The BEETLE Lite Managed Switch delivers SPE capabilities that enterprises can use to scale their networks using thinner, lighter SPE cables to transmit data from connected field devices. Having access to more data for both edge and cloud computing empowers organizations to make more informed, rapid decisions to enhance operational performance, safety and security.”

With its space-saving and long-distance Ethernet transmission benefits, the BEETLE Lite Managed Switch meets the needs of many complex industrial environments, including automotive manufacturing, material handling, logistics and intralogistics.

Explore the new BELDEN BEETLE SPE Lite Managed Switch, at:

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