Boost plant reliability and efficiency with seamless automation upgrade

ABB has launched the ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus SDe Series, a portfolio of hardware products that help modernise existing process control system installations with minimal risk and disruption to plant operations.

The new series enables plant operators in industries such as power, water, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and pulp & paper to upgrade installed control systems to the latest technologies, driving efficiency and productivity improvements.

Offering innovation with continuity, the new SDe Series addresses one of the biggest challenges for control system owners: upgrading existing infrastructure without disrupting operations. SDe solutions enable stepwise evolution with minimal impact by preserving field wiring, termination units and module cabling, helping plant owners protect their Symphony Harmony and INFI 90 investments as process controllers, I/O modules and automation technology evolve.

“ABB’s modular approach to multi-year evolution facilitates strategic upgrades over a realistic, cost-effective timeframe, enhancing operational productivity and sustainability for plant managers,” said Stefan Basenach, Senior Vice President, Process Automation Technology, ABB. “With the new SDe Series, we are helping customers across industries ensure their plants continue to meet regulatory requirements while increasing efficiency and adapting to changing markets.”

Providing seamless interconnections with smart field and electrical devices, as well as higher-level applications, the rugged control and I/O products of the SDe Series offer an extreme operating temperature range and a scalable architecture within a compact, modular footprint. Additionally, the series features sustainability improvements such as reduced power consumption and the use of standards-based technology that reduces plant owners’ total cost of ownership.

The key principles behind the SDe Series focus on evolving, enhancing and expanding ABB’s existing INFI 90, Harmony and Symphony DIN (SD) systems, which are currently installed in over 7,000 sites around the world. For Harmony Rack installations, the SDe series offers increased modularity, enhanced functionality, 1-to-1 module replacements and space-fit mounting options to ensure seamless evolution. Full compatibility with the SD series enables the expansion of SD systems using the latest technology and I/O hardware and software, delivering higher performance, reliability and capacity.

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