Fire protection for automated storage lift systems on show at LogiMAT

In many cases, shuttle storage systems, vertical lift systems and paternoster/recirculating or flow racks perfectly meet the high demands placed on economical automated small parts logistics, as they ensure compact storage of inventory while providing maximum availability of goods in terms of time and space. In areas with a high concentration of values, highly sensitive stored goods or in areas with a generally high fire load, special requirements are placed on fire protection in these storage systems. At LogiMAT from March 19 to 21, WAGNER will present the FirExting® gas extinguishing system in Hall 7, Stand C15, an excellent fire protection solution for these applications.

In closed systems with high-density storage, fires can spread at lightning speed. The earliest possible fire detection enables rapid intervention by means of extinguishing systems and thus prevents major damage. The highly sensitive TITANUS® aspirating smoke detection systems detect even the smallest smoke particles in the storage system by constantly taking air samples, thus preventing false alarms. If a fire is detected, a fire extinguishing system is triggered – in the case of integrated fire protection made by WAGNER, this is the FirExting® gas extinguishing system.

Extinguishing gases can fight incipient fires quickly and reliably without leaving any damage or residue on buildings, electrical systems and goods. The principle of gas extinguishing with FirExting® is simple: If a fire is detected and the alarm is reported to the gas extinguishing system via the extinguishing control panel, an optical and acoustic alarm is triggered first. Following this, the FirExting® gas extinguishing system is activated and the area to be protected gently flooded with extinguishing gas via a special pipe system in the shortest possible time – subject to the set delay device for a possible area evacuation. The extinguishing gas is evenly distributed throughout the entire storage system and the extinguishing agent concentration then maintained for a defined period of time to ensure effectiveness.

Depending on the fire risk and type of fuel, different extinguishing gases can be selected for use with FirExting®: Inert gases or chemical gases. Both types deprive the fire of fuel and thus prevent it from developing any further at a very early stage. Inert gases smother the source of the fire by displacing oxygen from the surrounding area. Chemical extinguishing gases extract the necessary (heat) energy from the fire and thereby extinguish it. The rapid extinguishing result minimizes the occurrence of consequential fire damage, some of which is hazardous to the environment. Goods and assets are effectively protected from damage caused by fire, water-based extinguishing agents or smoke contamination.

Extinguishing gases are not electrically conductive and therefore pose no risk of short circuits. When extinguishing fires, the inert gases used do not form any chemical compounds with other substances, even at high temperatures, and therefore extinguish the fire completely residue-free. Since inert gases are virtually unlimited as a component of ambient air, gas extinguishing tanks can be refilled very quickly. As a result, their sustainable use is guaranteed. Once FirExting® has been used, warehouse operations can usually be restarted at short notice.

Fire protection technology by WAGNER has been tested, certified and meets all relevant standards. The WAGNER TITANUS® and FirExting® systems have been certified by the VdS. FirExting® enables a variable system design for one or more protected areas. The fire extinguishing system is also used, for example, in high-bay warehouses, hazardous materials warehouses, data centers, control rooms, industrial plants and production areas.

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