New Stratasys software improves efficiency and reduces costs

The GrabCAD Streamline Pro™ suite of software from Stratasys is claimed to reduce the burden of managing a fleet of printers, allowing customers to smartly scale production with additive manufacturing.

Stratasys Ltd, a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, has announced it is launching two new software packages, GrabCAD Streamline Pro and a new version of GrabCAD Print Pro for PolyJet. These packages bring the power of Stratasys’ GrabCAD software to additional customers to help increase their efficiency and reduce costs through improved workflows.

The first version of GrabCAD Print Pro for FDM and SAF has increased hardware usage amongst some customers by 30-to-50 percent. Customers can better organize the front and backend of moving and processing parts, giving them more opportunity to scale up their additive manufacturing capabilities.  

They can also accelerate time-to-market by facilitating rapid design iterations and reducing dependency on physical prototyping; reduce costs by eliminating expensive tooling and molds needed for traditional manufacturing; and remove geometric complexities that are not feasible with conventional methods. 

These new software packages help customers across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace and healthcare, take advantage of the complete Stratasys offering of solutions across hardware, software, and materials. 

“Our software provides essential capabilities for scaling up additive manufacturing workflows,” said Victor Gerdes, Vice President, Software, Stratasys. “We are connecting users with a centralized platform, giving them more information to make data-driven decisions and providing them with the precision and detailing that can only come from additive manufacturing. Throughput, efficiency and applications are key to manufacturing, and these GrabCAD software packages will further advance adoption of additive manufacturing by delivering measurable results that display real business value.” 

GrabCAD Streamline Pro 

The new GrabCAD Streamline Pro is a comprehensive workgroup software suite, powered by GrabCAD Print™. Designed to connect people, parts and printers, GrabCAD Streamline Pro reduces the effort in managing a company’s entire fleet of Stratasys 3D printers from one platform. It creates the opportunity for secure, centralized software workflows for efficient part production at any scale, regardless of the number of printers or types of parts printed. In addition, GrabCAD Streamline Pro enables integration of Stratasys printers and GrabCAD Print with GrabCAD software partners, and a company’s business systems. This thereby leads to higher efficiency, reduced cost and business process automation.   

Some of the key features of GrabCAD Streamline Pro include:   

  • Advanced dashboards and analytics for AM Managers to have insights into printer and material utilization 
  • Real-time monitoring and customizable alerts for shop operators to stay informed about printer events 
  • Simplified tools for submitting, tracking, and consolidating 3D printing requests 
  • Automatic estimation and build preparation to minimize operator effort and help engineers and designers get their parts faster 
  • Cyber protection capabilities to shield Stratasys printers against network vulnerabilities, cyberattacks and potential business disruptions 
  • Open APIs and a flexible platform to integrate with other business systems, enhancing interoperability and scalability 

GrabCAD Streamline Pro maximizes productivity, increases cybersecurity and optimizes software workflows, thereby making it essential for scaling 3D printing. Learn more about GrabCAD Streamline Pro here

GrabCAD Print Pro for PolyJet

Building off the successful launch of GrabCAD Print Pro for FDM and SAF, Stratasys is bringing the GrabCAD Print Pro package to its PolyJet technology. PolyJet is becoming more recognized in manufacturing, as it produces a high-quality finished product.

With GrabCAD Print Pro, manufacturers have advanced capabilities to allow for more large-scale additive manufacturing. GrabCAD Print Pro also has advanced features that support workflow automation, which leads to more sustainable repeatability, more consistent part accuracy and reduced prep time. Learn more about GrabCAD Print Pro here

“Many manufacturers have struggled with integrating additive manufacturing into their manufacturing ecosystem,” said Ryan Martin, Senior Director, Research, ABI Research. “For greater adoption, they need to add enhanced software solutions that will provide them with the necessary quality controls, repeatability, and scale. Software is a key to unlocking the next steps additive takes in becoming more mainstream in overall manufacturing.” 

“We are focused on making additive work for our customers,” said Rich Garrity, Chief Industrial Business Officer, Stratasys. “They want solutions that provide quality, reliability, scalability and a clear return on their investment. Our software helps make additive manufacturing a viable option for today’s manufacturers by delivering real business value.” 

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