‘Eureka’ insights into transformative AI at Robotics & Automation show

Dr Chew, Director of Eureka Robotics Centre, one of 11 specialist robotics centres in the UK, is among a host of inspirational speakers at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition. The event’s awe-inspiring display of technologies is designed to offer a practical response to time-consuming, costly operational practices in the warehouse, manufacturing and logistics sector.

Based at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Eureka Robotics Centre has customised and designed more than 100 robots, 14 of which have been successfully integrated within ‘real life’ environments including hospitals, care homes and universities across the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Dr Chew’s presentation will include a look at current trends in mobile and humanoid robotics, particularly in relation to how they benefit logistics and warehouse sector operations.She said it was a ‘privilege’ to be asked to appear at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition. “Having previously attended the event, I have been incredibly impressed by the innovations on show and the sense of discovery that attendees bring to the exhibition,” she said. “Even those who would consider themselves expert in the field of robotics and automation will find something new to learn at this exhibition. It’s fun, educational and the ideal environment to connect with like-minded professionals who like the vast majority of visitors, are on a mission to gain insights into the very latest cutting-edge technologies.”

Eureka Robotics Centre is dedicated to the safe evolution of social and educational humanoid robotics. Its research laboratories include the STEAM Hub, an intelligent robot-maker lab for 3D design and robotic parts printing. Research activities are also carried out within the centre’s Autonomous Robotics Lab for the development of remotely operated systems. Its HRaaS Hub, which is evolving service robotics for healthcare and hospitality, is funded by the British Council, Welsh Government, EPSRC and the Alan Turing Institute.

The Robotics and Automation Exhibition will features more than 350 exhibitors, 60 conference sessions and 8,000-plus attendees from across the industry. It’s set to be the biggest and best show yet, with the much-anticipated exhibition now one of three shows under one roof – the other two being the ever-popular IntraLogisteX exhibition – the industry showcase for warehouse and logistics management solutions – and a highly-anticipated Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition.

Visitors will find the Robotics and Automation Exhibition an enriching experience. It offers an elite opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, gain insights into trailblazing technologies, and learn how robotics and automation can inspire ideas and solutions to move your business forward with practical solutions.

Dr Chew continued: “Whether they be in the form of mobile automation or service humanoid robotics, the technology is here to disrupt and enhance business operations, helping improve efficiency, productivity and safety. It is here to stay and essential to our future, bringing excitement and wonder to our world in ways that we could only dream about, thoughtfully and mindfully” 

Visit https://www.roboticsandautomation.co.uk to learn more about the exhibition and register to attend.

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