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The logistics platform provider BOX ID is expanding its range of IoT-devices for tracking returnable transport packaging, mobile logistics assets and critical shipments. Cooperation agreements have been concluded with worldwide leading device makers including DigitalMatter, AOVX, KPN and SENSOS. The company is also systematically expanding its network of sales partners to ensure global customer service.

Connecting industrial logistics flows by IoT is mainly targeting two aspects: Of course monitoring the flow and condition of transported goods and at the same time accurately tracing the movements of involved returnable transport containers. For this purpose, the BOX ID software supports a broad range of both passive ident systems (like barcode, QR and RFID) as well as active IoT-devices, which are usually referred to as ‘trackers’. While practically any ident data source or IoT-device can be integrated with the BOX ID platform by either its data interfaces or the API, BOX ID also offers its customers a selected range of tracking devices that are natively integrated in the platform.

The central focus in selecting IoT-tracking devices is alyways on securing scalable operative deployments – both technically and economically. This means the desired fidelity of data, territorial coverage, installability, durability and battery lifetime must be aligned with housing size and of course both unit and operation cost. The LPWAN networks, like LoRa and Sigfox 0G technology, have initially opened up the mass applications for returnable transport packaging fleets, and the latter still is a benchmark in unit cost and longevity for logistic tracking applications.

“We have deployed 75,000 units so far, with a majority on Sigfox 0G, and we have deliberately taken our time in expanding the cellular options in our tracker portfolio. Our utmost focus is on cost efficiency, scalability and lifetime. Devices that rely purely on NB-IoT still face major limitations in the geographical availability of networks. So when it comes to devices using cellular networks, we currently see two strong categories for logistics applications: devices with combined LTE-M & NB-IoT for continent-wide applications and LTE-M or LTE-Cat1 for global ones” explains Dr. Wolfgang Vogl, Managing Director of BOX ID.

Powerful asset trackers from DigitalMatter, AOVX and KPN

South African device manufacturer DigitalMatter has been a leader in the field of cellular telematics and asset tracking IoT-devices for more than two decades and to date carries the most advanced and diversified portfolio of cellular IoT-devices. Highlights, available now directly with the BOX ID platform, are the compact and cost-efficient LTE-M & NB-IoT asset tracker Barra and the mobile truck Bluetooth gateway Remora, allowing high-frequent tracking of trucks, trailers and load items over up to 10 years.

To widely enable very cost-sensitive applications with cellular IoT-devices BOX ID also partners with the Chinese device manufacturer AOVX, which offers an extremely cost-optimized portfolio of powerful and reliable IoT-devices. The first addressed device is a LTE.Cat1 tracker with Wi-Fi and GPS localization, offering a great balance of device cost, longevity and coming with coherent coverage across Europe, and optionally further continents.

From the IoT division of the Dutch telco KPN, a truly global asset tracker has been added to the portfolio of BOX ID. The KPN Global Tracker is based on LTE-M with 2G-Fallback and comes with global coverage plan from KPN-IoT providing global coverage with more than 600 networks worldwide and immediate access to the best M2M network available with non-steered roaming.

The SENOS label – a new device category of its own

The fourth addition to BOX ID’s device portfolio is rather a new category of its own. It enables real-time monitoring of critical shipments worldwide without having to deal with reverse logistics of data loggers or sensor devices. The functionality is the result of a collaboration with the innovative Sony spin-off SENSOS, which has developed an intelligent, cellular-connected shipping label the size of a credit card. It is designed for worldwide intermodal logistic applications and is also admitted to air transport on many top-tier cargo airlines already. Thanks to the seamless integration into the BOX ID platform, exact localization, precise condition monitoring with respect to temperature, impacts and integrity of the packaging can be checked to the second.

Close relationships with customers around the world backed by international reselling partners

The software provider is consistently expanding its distribution network to ensure that international customers outside the DACH region receive the best possible local support for automating their logistics flows with BOX ID. Partners in the following regions are available to date:

  • KPN IoT in Netherlands and Benelux
  • Sigfox Poland in Eastern Europe
  • SJI in South Korea and Japan
  • Thinxtra in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong
  • UnaBiz in France, Taiwan and 70+ countries via its 0G network operators
  • Wanzl in EU, UK, US

Further reselling partners are sought for, especially with focus on the Americas.

About BOX ID Systems GmbH

Founded in 2018 the software company offers a cloud service for industrial logistics enabling the tracking, automation, and optimization of material flows within single sites as well as across entire supply chains. The BOX ID software efficiently monitors shipment flows and controls fleets of mobile assets such as containers, roll-cages or transport racks. This is achieved by a model-based fusion of data from Auto-Ident (e.g. Barcode, QR, RFID) and IoT-devices (e.g. LPWAN, BLE, LTE-M, NB-IoT).

BOX ID provides customers with a highly scalable solution to manage and optimize complex supply chain processes in industry sectors such as Automotive, Wholesale, Healthcare, Machinery, Glass Industry, Post & Parcel. More at

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