Siemens launches new repairs partnership across the UK

Siemens has launched a new repairs partnership with service provider MMX (part of the TXO Group) to support major telecoms, utilities and energy businesses across the UK and Ireland.

The deal will enable customers to use a UK-based specialist centre for repairs on the technology company’s Ruggedcom network routing and switching gear for the first time, which will enable product issues to be resolved more quickly and effectively.

Partners say the new centre, which has the skills to repair to component or board level, will turn around repairs in days instead of weeks for new products to be built or sent for repair to Canada. This will help businesses across critical sectors to significantly reduce their product and network downtime, while generating cost and carbon savings from the reduced need to ship products overseas.

The move follows an increasing focus on reliability and durability from telecoms, utilities and energy providers, with demand growing across industry for this type of infrastructure technology to last for more than 15 years.

MMX (part of the TXO Group), who are experts in providing infrastructure network design and build & support services, operates a specialist repair centre close to Birmingham.

The new relationship will also reduce waste and minimise environmental impact across the supply chain for the business’s Ruggedcom products, which provide secure communications for critical infrastructure in harsh environments.

Paul Hingley, Business Manager for Communication Products, Cyber Security and Safety Services at Siemens, said: “It’s critical that these industries have the right technologies and end-to-end service in place to drive innovation, reliability and durability across infrastructure and to deliver services to customers across the UK and Ireland.

“Our new partnership with MMX (part of the TXO Group) represents a step forward in enhancing the service we provide to customers across energy, utilities and telecoms by providing a more efficient and sustainable solution that will help them cut down time and costs.”

Tim Smith, Managing Director of MMX Communications (part of the TXO Group), said: “This agreement will enable Siemens to elevate the services they already provide to customers across these critical sectors. Our UK-based repair centre will enable a faster repair and maintenance service at scale while reducing waste and emissions across the process.”

The importance of predictive and efficient maintenance will be a key topic at Transform 2024 where more than 4,000 industry leaders, tech experts and policymakers will convene at Manchester Central to explore the future of digital and sustainable transformation. Hosted by Siemens, the free-to-attend two-day conference and exhibition will take place on July 17th and 18th. 

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