Automating complex production processes with robotic support

In the Application Park at HANNOVER MESSE 2024, ArtiMinds Robotics will be presenting a robot-based automation solution for the sensor-assisted assembly of flexible cables and wires in connector housings.

Together with the German Robotics Association as a partner, HANNOVER MESSE 2024 is opening up an even larger platform for robotics with the Application Park in Hall 5, making robot-supported automation a direct experience. There you will also meet ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH from Karlsruhe, a leading provider of software solutions and engineering services for sensor-based robot automation, which will be presenting an innovative cable handling application for precise wire harness assembly.

The robot-assisted solution demonstrates the robust detection, gripping and joining of free-hanging, flexible parts such as wires and cables. The solution approach developed by ArtiMinds for this complex 2.5D application is based on what the developers describe as a unique combination of laser line scanners, 2D camera technology and force/torque measurement as well as newly developed interfaces and intelligent function modules in the ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS). The software processes the scan result in real time and synchronizes it with the robot movement to determine the exact pick-up point. It then performs a force-controlled joining operation that enables the cable ends to be inserted precisely and securely into the connector housing.

The demonstration is intended to illustrate the versatile application possibilities of the manufacturer-independent programming software ArtiMinds RPS, which enables the simple creation of highly adaptive and sophisticated robot programs. As the software generates native robot code, the programs can be executed directly on the standard controller of the industrial robot used without additional hardware.

“We deliberately decided to participate in the Application Park at HANNOVER MESSE this year in order to highlight our expertise in the field of advanced robotics and, in particular, in flexible cable and connector assembly,” says Dr. Sven Schmidt-Rohr, Managing Director of ArtiMinds Robotics. “The application presented is an impressive example of the versatility of our software products and how we can use them to automate complex production processes with robot support and open up new areas of application for robots.”

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