NORD drive solutions for the process industry

From 10 to 14 June 2024, NORD will be presenting a wide range of products at ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main. The focus is on ATEX-compliant drive concepts for the process industry and the robust heavy-duty MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear unit, in particular for agitator and mixer applications.

Further focal points at the trade fair will be the new decentralised NORDAC ON/ON+ frequency inverters, the revolutionary DuoDrive geared motors and IE5+ synchronous motors as well as the NORDCON APP with NORDAC ACCES BT. Interested trade visitors can find out more about NORD’s wide range of solutions at the trade fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main in Hall 8.0, Stand B52.

NORD has decades of experience with gas and dust explosion protection and offers particularly robust electric motors with powers from 0.12 to 200kW especially for this field of use.

Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries: Companies that extract, transport or process raw materials require industry-specific, innovative drive solutions. As a system supplier, NORD offers matched drive systems consisting of gear unit, motor and drive electronics that are tailored to the respective requirements of the customer application.

ATEX drives for explosion-protected areas

Flammable gases and dust in processing industries create serious safety risks. NORD has decades of experience with gas and dust explosion protection and offers particularly robust electric motors with powers from 0.12 to 200 kW especially for this field of use. The explosion-protected electric motors can be operated in category 2D or 3D dust atmospheres (zones 21 and 22) as well as in category 2G or 3G gas atmospheres (zones 1 and 2) and are approved according to ATEX and HazLoc. The dust-protected motors feature the ignition protection category »Protection by enclosure» (tD). Depending on the requirements, the motors in the gas explosion protection version are available in the following ignition protection classes: increased safety (e), pressure-resistant encapsulation (d/de) and non-sparking design.

Industrial gear units for high torque applications

NORD´s MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units power heavy-duty applications such as agitators, mixers and grinders in food or cosmetic production. The parallel and right-angle gear units cover a speed ratio range from 5.54:1 to 400:1 – and with a first-stage gear unit, even up to 30,000:1. They feature:

  • High output torques from 15 to 282 kNm for reliable operation even under extreme conditions
  • Torsionally rigid, one-piece UNICASE housing for a longer bearing life and efficient power transmission
  • Large low-friction roller bearings for extremely high radial and axial load capacities and a long service life
  • High-precision axis alignment for guaranteed quiet running
    For mixer and agitator applications, the industrial gear units can also be equipped with a SAFOMI-IEC adapter:
  • The adapter is available for parallel gear units and in sizes 7 to 11, i.e. for maximum output torques from 25 to 75 kNm.
  • The adapter is compact and simple in design and has an integrated oil expansion volume; oil tanks and hoses as well as the radial shaft seal that is subject to leakage and wear between gear unit and IEC cylinder are therefore not required.

Decentralised drive electronics

The NORDAC ON frequency inverters are part of the NORD modular system and can be optimally combined with the manufacturer´s motors.

  • NORDAC ON was designed for applications with asynchronous motors,
  • NORDAC ON+ was designed for the combination with highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motors.
    The inverters are designed for power ranges from 0.37 to 3kW.

Energy-efficient IE5+ synchronous motors

The IE5+ motor generation from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS guarantees the highest level of efficiency and operational reliability, thanks to IE5+ technology. The motors are available as a TENV smooth-surface motor, as a TEFC motor with cooling fins and as an integrated DuoDrive motor. The latter combines a high-efficiency IE5+ motor and a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing. The IE5+ synchronous motors with motor efficiencies of up to 95% are available in the TEFC version with a power of up to 4.0 kW, in the TENV version with up to 2.2 kW and in the DuoDrive version with up to 3.0 kW.

Mobile maintenance and commissioning

With the NORDCON APP for mobile maintenance and commissioning of NORD frequency inverters, NORD enables the diagnosis, analysis, parametrisation and monitoring of the drive systems via a mobile terminal device for service use. The NORDAC ACCESS BT is a Bluetooth stick that is used directly with the frequency inverter – this ensures convenient mobile access to the drive data while at the same time access control.

NORD will present its comprehensive range of solutions at ACHEMA in Hall 8.0, Stand B52.

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