Pepperl+Fuchs becomes Android Enterprise Silver Partner

With the increasing interconnection of systems, devices, and sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT), the need for mobile solutions is growing. More and more manufacturers are recognising the potential and benefits of mobile computing and communication technologies. Android has emerged as the preferred and most advanced operating system for the IoT of the future.

Companies that guarantee their customers maximum security and up-to-date devices with first-class support can be certified by Google for its Android Enterprise Partner Program. With the acquisition of the Silver Partnership in 2023, Pepperl+Fuchs is among the very few companies worldwide that have acquired Google’s highest certification: not only for the company, but also for its consultants and products.

As part of the Android Enterprise Partner Program (AEPP), Google partners with companies that optimise their solutions for the management, deployment, and support of Android devices in business environments at a high level. Validated partners receive access to Google resources, tools, and support to better integrate and support Android devices in the enterprise. The program includes various certifications and categories corresponding to the specialization and solutions offered by each partner. These include, for example, mobile device management providers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and system integrators.

Three Pillars of Certification

The certification for the Android Enterprise Partner Program comprises three pillars that build on each other. The employees of a company, the company itself and its products are certified. For the individual certifications, the global sales teams and application engineers must complete a predefined training program and confirm the respective certificates with an examination. This certificate consists of three levels: Associate, Expert and Professional. Employees who achieve the certification can call themselves Android Enterprise Associate, Expert or Professional. The training courses cover the entire range of Android-related topics, including mobile device management and security.

Silver Award

Companies may get certified only if the expertise of their employees qualifies them to do so. In order to achieve Silver Partner status, companies seeking certification must have a certain percentage of employee certifications in the various expert groups in each active market. Pepperl+Fuchs has achieved this on a global scale and has been a Silver Partner of the Android Enterprise Partner Program since 2023. This means that the pioneer and technology leader in industrial sensor technology and explosion protection fulfills Android’s increased requirements in terms of business, products, service, and performance, allowing customers to benefit from numerous advantages.

“We are pleased to welcome Pepperl+Fuchs as a Silver Partner in the Android Enterprise Partner Program,” says Ken Schutt, Director of Android Enterprise Partnerships. “By joining the Silver Partner Program, Pepperl+Fuchs demonstrates its commitment to its customers and guarantees that they will receive world-class customer service, support and solutions to help them grow their business.”

Third Pillar: Hardware

The third pillar of the certification program relates to the Silver Partner’s Android products. The certification of products is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program. Google verifies the hardware and software of the robust mobile devices based on defined requirements and parameters, e. g. suitability for use in an industrial environment, guaranteed 90-day security updates for at least five years after the start of sales, and further commitments by the manufacturer to at least one OS upgrade, in order to guarantee Google’s professional users a comprehensive service package.

The intrinsically safe smartphone Smart-Ex® 03 from Pepperl+Fuchs, as well as other product series such as Tab-Ex® 03 and Tab-Ex® 04 Pro, has received Android Enterprise Recommended certification and forms the basis for future-oriented digital application scenarios in potentially explosive atmospheres. In the 6-inch Android smartphone, Pepperl+Fuchs combines its global, customer-oriented support with the expertise of its subsidiaries ECOM Instruments as a pioneer in intrinsically safe mobile devices and Aava Mobile as an expert in industrial tablets and wireless technologies. The smartphone with Android 13 operating system meets the latest technical standards such as 5G/5G SA, WiFi 6 and eSIM and is therefore ideally equipped for flexible use in public and private networks of mobile network providers or companies worldwide.

With the successful certification, Pepperl+Fuchs is listed in the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory as a “Device Manufacturer”. All validated companies can be found there, categorized as “Devices, EMM, Device Manufacturer and Mobility Consulting Service”.

Huge Work and Time Savings

Android tools facilitate the secure, professional use of mobile devices in an industrial environment. Customers can request the required configuration of the basic device from the device manufacturer, who will pre-load the devices in production and then provide the appropriate pre-configuration to the customer. The mobile devices can be integrated into the IT infrastructure manually via Android Zero Touch or a QR code. This way, all new devices are integrated into the customer’s MDM system with their IMEI and can then be managed and updated over the air.

The profiles that are uploaded to the mobile device are largely drag-and-drop. The advantage of certification is that the manufacturer can individually respond to customers’ wishes and requirements. They do not have to adapt the mobile devices themselves in their IT department. Pepperl+Fuchs discusses the requirements, scope, and type of installation and usage rights with the IT department. The customer can issue the devices directly to the employees for immediate use. This makes work much easier and saves a lot of time. Another advantage is the comprehensive after-sales support.

Many Parts for a Great Whole

“Behind the Google certification for people, companies and products is a holistic, coherent concept in which the individual processes interlock like pieces of a puzzle and one fits into the other,” says Jörg Hartleb, Head of Product Management at ECOM – A Pepperl+Fuchs Brand. “By certifying the hardware and the company to the highest standards in conjunction with professional staff training, we offer our customers first-class support and service during the initial installation of the mobile devices, as well as during use.”

Pepperl+Fuchs has a total of over 60 sales employees in the APAC, EMEA, North and South America regions who have reached Google Associate level. Differences can be seen in everyday life. This is where Pepperl+Fuchs scores with its global expertise. With its own well-staffed support and service network, the company meets all the requirements of a Trusted Advisor.

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