Tasti’s recipe for success in smart manufacturing

Rockwell Automation has announced that snack bar and whole food ball manufacturer Tasti Products Limited has chosen Plex, by Rockwell Automation as its new integrated smart manufacturing and business process solution.

Tasti Products will migrate to Plex’s cloud-based solutions, implementing Plex ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), including Plex’s world-class MES (Manufacturing Execution System), to drive their New Zealand-based operations.

Recognising their legacy ERP system could no longer support an expanding business, Tasti Products searched a smart manufacturing solution that would allow the company to scale in size and improve the speed in which business analytics could be performed. Tasti sought a manufacturing solution that was cloud-based and could offer end-to-end digital transformation.

With the ability to offer world-class food safety and its established presence in the food and beverage industry, Plex will provide Tasti Products with a connected plant floor, digital product tracking capabilities, and real-time data to support the company as it continues to grow and flourish.

“Tasti Products is in a period of healthy growth in New Zealand, as well as its exports to Australia and the USA and we need digital technology that will set us up for future success. Plex gives us the automation integration, mobile connectivity, modular solutions, and scalability that we need as we continue to expand,” said Josette Prince, Managing Director, Tasti.

“As a cloud-based platform, Plex enables future-focussed food and beverage manufacturers like Tasti to achieve real-time integration, high levels of availability and flexibility, cybersecurity, and scalability,” says Rockwell Automation New Zealand enterprise sales executive, Plex, Michael Cahill.

“Food and beverage manufacturers can – and often do – use different platforms for monitoring, tracing, and tracking, but with the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform, all three work in harmony to provide real-time data, which can be used for genealogy reporting, recalls, audits, and analytical insights,” added Cahill.

The Plex implementation marks a new era for Tasti Products, as the Plex Manufacturing Excellence System digitises facility operations and offers much-needed structural support for the company’s exciting and vibrant growth.

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