Ultra-lightweight through-hole force-torque sensor for robotics applications

Bota Systems, a leader in multi-axis force-torque sensors, has launched the PixONE, a cutting-edge through-hole sensor that integrates high-performance electronics within a compact, ultra-lightweight design. Designed for seamless integration into robotic systems, PixONE features a through-hole architecture facilitating internal cable routing to enhance robot agility and safety.

The PixONE sensor’s hollow shaft design allows it to be seamlessly integrated between the robot’s arm and the end-of-arm tooling (EOT), maintaining the integrity of internal cable routing. This design is particularly advantageous as many robotic arm manufacturers are moving towards internal routing to eliminate cable tangles and motion restrictions.

PixONE’s minimalistic two-piece design not only simplifies assembly but also significantly reduces the sensor’s weight, making it 30% lighter than comparable sensors in the market. This is critical for dynamic systems, such as fast-moving robots, where excess weight can impede performance and operational efficiency.

Offered in various models with an external diameter starting at just 2.36 inches (60mm) and a through-hole diameter of 0.59 inch (15mm), PixONE includes an integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and boasts a robust IP67 waterproof rating, making it suitable for a wide range of operational environments.

“Our objective is to equip robots with the sense of touch, making them not only safer and more user-friendly, but also more collaborative,” stated Klajd Lika, CEO and Co-Founder, “PixONE is an advanced, OEM-ready sensing solution that enables robot developers and integrators to effortlessly enhance any robot in development with minimal integration effort.”

The PixONE configurations conveniently support payloads up to 250kg, maintaining a uniform interface across all models to facilitate rapid integration. Its innovative design minimizes external connections and component count, significantly enhancing system reliability.

“The PixONE offers a higher torque to force ratio than comparative sensors with integrated electronics, which gives integrators more freedom in EOT design, especially with larger

tools,” said Ilias Patsiaouras, CTO & Co- Founder at Bota Systems. “PixONE elevates the sensor integration by offering internal connection and cable passthrough, making it ideal for a wide spectrum of robotic applications ranging from industrial to medical.”

PixONE leverages EtherCAT technology for high-speed data communication and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), reducing the complexity of electrical installations. Visit us at Robotics Summit & Expo, Booth #315 (May 1-2, Boston, MA) and Automate, Booth #831 (May 6-9, Chicago, IL) where we will showcase our comprehensive sensor portfolio.

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