Belden launches solution capabilities for end users in discrete manufacturing

Helping manufacturers achieve production uptime, real-time analytics and unified data to boost efficiency and revenue

Belden, a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitisation solutions, today announced game-changing new network and data capabilities for the discrete manufacturing sector. These initial three capabilities – network resilience, edge computing and data interoperability – are enabled through Belden Horizon, a platform that brings together hardware, software and services in a single source. The capabilities also serve as the building blocks for Belden’s solution-driven approach to meeting customers where they are, clarifying business needs through thoughtful conversation and solving for desired outcomes. For consumer-packaged goods and automotive (discrete) manufacturers, this means helping advance their digitization journeys to unlock the efficiency and insight promised by the shift to Industry 4.0.

Today’s production lines generate substantial amounts of data from connected operational technology (OT) devices. When discrete manufacturers evolve their network infrastructures and data operations, they can collect and make sense of this high-value data, propelling productivity gains and increasing revenue. Belden provides solutions to connect every facet of the plant – machines, people, processes, robots and more. By quickly and securely collecting and analyzing vital performance data at the edge, Belden solutions transform data into actionable insights that lead to better decisions for operations and the bottom line.

Belden’s newest capabilities solve for common discrete manufacturing pain points, allowing manufacturers to minimize unplanned downtime, pursue real-time analytics and overcome data silos:

  • Network resilience. Belden’s solutions improve network resilience and production uptime by connecting all machines and assets to the network to eliminate blind spots and ensure committed bandwidth – without replacing existing technology. Manufacturers can protect networks from traffic surges and cybersecurity threats and build network redundancy to maintain reliable service and prioritize critical applications.
  • Edge computing. By enabling data processing close to the machines, equipment and devices generating it, Belden solutions empower people to access, analyze and act on information to solve local issues faster and reduce data transfer to the cloud. Edge computing enables manufacturers to keep sensitive data on premises while driving real-time data analysis and network performance monitoring to identify, prioritize and resolve unexpected issues quickly.
  • Data interoperability. Seamlessly convert and bring together data from various sources, formats, protocols, and sites to power applications and analytics for better decision making. Belden solutions translate previously incompatible proprietary protocols into a common language to unite OT data and gain richer insights.

“A long-recognised leader in the industrial space, Belden’s portfolio extends beyond our traditional cables, switches and routers to provide network and data solutions to our customers,” said Vinod Rana, Vice President Global Products and Solutions, Industrial Automation Solutions. “With the launch of our new capabilities for discrete manufacturers, we’re addressing the realities of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 – the need to connect and secure more devices and equipment, extract more data, and put data to meaningful use. By helping manufacturers build more resilient networks, harness the power of edge computing, and unify and convert data, we’re enabling them to create a robust network backbone that satisfies today’s requirements while scaling for tomorrow’s ambitions.”

Combining best-in-class products, services, and deep expertise from more than 120 years as a networking and connectivity innovator, Belden capabilities empower manufacturers to modernize, optimize, automate and secure their networks from end-to-end. With Belden solutions, discrete manufacturers can achieve factory-wide visibility, organize data for meaningful use, reduce total cost of ownership, and attain powerful business outcomes.

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