Reliable lighting for challenging industrial environments

Zumtobel’s new moisture-proof luminaire EXTONA is ideal for use in hazardous areas and harsh industrial conditions. Certified for use in ATEX 2/22 zones, this explosion-proof luminaire is particularly resilient thanks to its robust design and is also protected against the most challenging conditions, such as significant dust formation or powerful jets of water. It also features impact-resistant housing and an emergency light function.

Harsh environmental conditions, for example in industrial spaces and halls, demand a lot from the technical equipment in them – the lighting in particular. That’s why Zumtobel is launching a new lighting solution that meets all the requirements of challenging environments: the new EXTONA moisture-proof luminaire, which offers reliable light output to certified standards even in the most difficult conditions. This includes effective protection against explosions in accordance with the ATEX guidelines (ATmosphères EXplosives), which relate to environments that could have an explosive atmosphere on an ongoing or short-term basis. A potential source of ignition, such as a luminaire, could trigger a detonation in this type of environment, but that is not the case with EXTONA: as an ATEX-certified moisture-proof luminaire with a maximum surface temperature of 80°C, EXTONA is permitted for use in 2/22 zones. What’s more, vapours, gases and dusts in the atmosphere won’t affect the luminaire’s light quality: with a reduction in luminous flux of L85 after 100,000 hours of use, EXTONA is demonstrably durable and robust, helping to save on costs.

Thanks to its reliable explosion protection, EXTONA is a safe lighting solution that is suitable for all industrial applications and sectors with these types of potential hazards. This includes areas in the automotive industry where petrol is stored or where scrap metal is pressed, where bodywork is painted or where lithium batteries are manufactured. EXTONA also plays to its strengths in power stations – for example in engine rooms and biogas plants, petrol and pellet stores, or wood chip production plants. The metalworking industry is another sector where this luminaire is a perfect match – in any areas where welding, soldering, blasting, sanding or painting take place. The woodworking industry can also benefit from its high degree of explosion protection, for example in areas around saw mills, chippers or paint shops. Last but not least, EXTONA is ideal for the textile and paper processing industries, offering ample explosion-proof light output for the recycling, grinding and shredding of fabric and paper, for example.

Maximum protection against impacts, dust and water

As well as its high level of explosion protection, the luminaire also offers outstanding resilience. EXTONA can withstand even heavy impacts and significant mechanical forces, and an IK10 rating means it has the highest possible level of impact resistance. Thanks to its IP66 protection class, this moisture-proof luminaire is also reliably protected against challenging environmental conditions such as penetrating dust or powerful jets of water. In addition, the housing is made from durable polycarbonate with UV stabilisation to prevent discolouration. EXTONA can cope with a wide range of temperatures and works as well in cold conditions of up to -20°C as it does in extreme heat of up to 60°C.

As another benefit, the luminaire offers cleverly designed safety features for emergencies and is fitted with an emergency light function as standard, with a single-battery power supply that provides for an operating time of three hours. This means that a reliable light source is guaranteed, even when the unexpected happens, so that enough time and light are available to evacuate a hazardous area in an emergency. Thanks to the DALI protocol, the emergency lighting supply can be seamlessly connected to building management software and can be regularly read out, tested and monitored. The DALI integration enables the luminaire to be controlled individually and in response to current needs within a dynamic digital lighting management system.

Maximum efficiency paired with optimal luminous efficacy

EXTONA combines ATEX-certified lighting with optimal luminous efficacy: the moisture-proof luminaire is available with six different luminous flux values from 1200 lm to 11000 lm as standard, but can also be upgraded to a version with up to 16500 lm on customer request – with an efficiency of up to 166 lm/W. This reduces power consumption, lowers operating costs and minimises CO2 emissions, optimising the environmental footprint of industrial plants. The luminaire is supplied with a neutral white light colour at 4000 K as standard and offers impressive colour rendering of CR180, while the medium-beam light distribution provides optimal illuminance for industrial applications. EXTONA can also be installed in a variety of ways: whether it’s mounted on the ceiling, a wall or a pole or suspended with a cable suspension cord or a chain, the luminaire can be optimally adapted for any context and space.

“With EXTONA, we’ve created a lighting solution that uniquely combines brilliant light quality, high standards of explosion protection, maximum durability and excellent energy efficiency. This means that even in challenging industrial environments we can achieve human-centred light that provides the highest degree of safety and usability as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere to work in. My thanks go to the project team, who have carried out really excellent work”, says Felix Breuss, Product Manager for Protected Luminaires at Zumtobel Lighting.

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