AM Solutions brings post processing technologies TCT 3Sixty

AM Solutions — 3D post-processing technology, a part of the Rösler Group, exhibited at this year’s TCT 3Sixty event drawing on an over 80-year history providing finishing solutions to industry, and a reputation for providing robust automated post-processing solutions to the additive manufacturing (AM) sector.

On booth 1229, visitors were able to discuss their post-processing needs with AM Solutions’ expert team, and see a number of the company’s array of automated post-processing technologies which can finish parts from any AM process and in any material.

Tayfun Sigirtmac, CEO at Rösler / AM Solutions USA says: “Automated post-processing solutions are vital in AM because they streamline and standardise the finishing process, significantly reducing labour costs, time, and the potential for human error. These solutions ensure consistent, high-quality results by automating repetitive tasks such as cleaning and surface finishing. This not only enhances the efficiency and scalability of AM production but also improves the overall reliability and performance of the final parts. As AM adoption grows, automated post-processing becomes essential for meeting the increasing demand for precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness in the industry, and at AM Solutions we are meeting all these challenges and supporting AM as the manufacturing process of the future.”

AM Solutions’ success builds on Rösler’s extensive surface finishing experience, and also on its innovation and customer-oriented process development in the field of AM, which means that processes are adapted to individual workpieces and process stage. As well as being vertically integrated and producing its post-processing machines in-house, AM Solutions also provides the consumables, which have been specifically developed with the unique characteristics of AM in mind. This combined expertise means that technology and consumables can be chosen to optimise the post-processing of any AM part. Coupled with a global after sales support network, AM Solutions is truly a product development partner for customer AM projects.

Sigirtmac continues: “At TCT 3Sixty AM Solutions proudly exhibited its S1, S1 Wet, M1 Basic, and C1 machines. The S1 is a smart solution for cleaning and surface finishing, which sets new standards for the post-processing of parts from powder bed fusion (PBF) AM technologies. The S1 can undertake cleaning and surface finishing all in one self-contained unit with the same media saving time and costs. This 2-in-1 concept (running two post processing steps in one single machine), combined with a higher degree of automation, streamlines the entire AM process chain and substantially reduces cost per piece. Such an

approach allows the us to perfectly fulfil the requirements of customers who are looking for high volume production with 3D printing technologies.”

Also on show at TCT was the M1 Basic all-round post processing solution for the surface smoothing and polishing of single parts and small batches; the C1 system which is a machine for the automated and cost-efficient post-processing of photopolymer components; and the S1 Wet, which can process metal or plastic parts individually or in batches.

Sigirtmac concludes: “One enormous benefit of the S1 Wet on show at TCT is the fact that wet blasting is not affected by ATEX regulations as there are no dust explosion risks, a major headache when using dry blasting on materials especially titanium or aluminium. The risk of dust explosion is considerably higher for AM produced parts than for conventionally machined parts as there is always some residual printing powder left on the parts, so this is a game-changer AM post-processing solution.

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