ABB plans to launch new share buyback of up to $1 billion

ABB has completed its share buyback program that was launched in April 2023. Through this buyback program, ABB repurchased a total of 21,387,687 shares – equivalent to 1.09 percent of its issued share capital at launch of the buyback program – for a total amount of approximately $0.83 billion over the past 12 months.

ABB’s Board of Directors intends to use the capital band approved at the 2023 Annual General Meeting to cancel all shares repurchased under the 2023–2024 share buyback program.

Consistent with ABB’s capital allocation principles, the Board of Directors today approved a new share buyback program for capital reduction purposes of up to $1 billion. The new program is expected to be launched in early April 2024. It will be executed on a second trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange and is planned to run until January 31, 2025. The company has decided to adjust the timing of its share buyback cycle to align with the announcement of its Q4 2024 results and 2024 dividend proposal.

ABB intends to also use the capital band for the cancellation of the shares repurchased under this new program.

In addition, ABB intends to purchase up to 10 million shares by the end of January 2025 mainly for use in connection with its employee share plans. The purchases will be made at the market price on the ordi- nary trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

ABB currently owns approximately 47 million treasury shares, including 21 million shares repurchased for cancellation purposes.

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